The Creative Flow

Back in Paris. After having my mum and brother staying with me for five consecutive weeks, it felt so empty when they left. And in a sense- my life was incomplete again. You might also experience this when you spend an enormously intense time with your family members, to a point where you start nit picking their every move (its all love) but in a way you start taking them for granted and when they leave the transition to always being surrounded by someone to being left alone again is difficult to accept. This is something that has gotten harder and harder for me as the years have passed by- and I don’t expect it to get any better (my brain is telling me that I must find a solution for this) Anyway- what I wanted to say with this blog post is that when I got back to Paris at the beginning of August,  not to mention this is the more desolate time in the city where all the cute cafes close and the locals move out for a month to enjoy life on the beach, I felt a sense of hopelessness. Thoughts of “what’s next?” came into my head and instantly I feel was thought I have much more to give the world than what I am currently giving. I also felt that even though I have a jewelry company, consistently use my talents to create new collections of clothing, exercise daily, listen to podcasts, write this blog and many more things- I felt as though my potential is only working on a 10% level and that I am able to give so much more and want to do so as well! So- what to do when one feels this way? I started drawing again. It’s funny this creative life- as a creative person you feel as thought you see ideas in everything and one also tends to have little spurts of energy, jumping from projects to projects and sometimes laying flat-as one can only work well when the spark fills your brain with a vision. I decided to disregard these feelings and instead of indulging in my confused state- DO instead. So, I started drawing again, painting with watercolor (my favorite type of paint) and getting into the rhythm of idea making. And folks, I  just say this is the best thing you can ever do- when you are confused of don’t know what step to take next JUST DO (Nike,  you are free to contact me for a sponsorship). Just simply doing something- anything- preferably creative with get all the juices flowing in your body and you might create something unexpected or get an unexpected idea about what direction you want your life to go. The simple fact is that energy creates more energy and is that energy is toxic your life will continue to be toxic, BUT if you find the power within you to see things for the beauty that they are and understand that opportunities are at every corner you turn and that there are endless possibilities ins this life you were given - then that positive energy will become more powerful that you could ever imagine and generate a fire deep within yourself that will fuel your everyday, every week, every month, and year, that will result into a beautiful and fulfilling life. Never stop believing. 

Side note- some new T-shirt prints are coming ( message me if you want a customized one!)