Miami Swim Week

Oh yeah- I forgot to mention; this year I attended Miami Swim Week as a designer there. I showed a small collection of my beachwear and jewelry at the Nautilus Hotel on South Beach. I have a love/hate relationship with Miami, on one hand it holds a special place for me in my heart as I moved there when I was fourteen years old until seventeen, and prior to that I have many memories of visiting with my family each year from the age of eight years old, and not to mention my family now lives there permanently, so it is “home” for me in a way. Anyway- your home is where your family is isn’t it? I love the vegan friendly cafes on South Beach and the evening swims on North beach, watching the sunset. I am also a fan of my morning routine I have when I am there- taking an early bar method class in South Miami, and immediately after its done, making my way to the only café i set foot in, Madruga on Madruga drive- the almond ice latte is what makes my life complete. And if I ever need anything to wear- don’t even bother going to any shop besides Splash in South Miami- They have everything you need and will ever need in your life. All these moments are things that I love about Miami- I’m not really a club-type-of-girl any longer but if you are- Miami is definitely the place. And no question- Miami is growing and changing everyday, becoming more European in a way (might be the influx of all the French people from Paris setting up their lives there?) Anyway I’m liking the change! However, the traffic in Miami is a royal pain in the behind (excuse my politeness- I usually prefer the term “ass”). And thats another thing- you are constantly sitting on your ASS- diving around, and not to mention the days go by so quickly when the majority of your life is spend driving around- shoutout to my mum who has been everyones Uber driver for over a decade now - we appreciate you mamma. 

Anyway- the more I think about it the more I know and understand that the human species is one that is difficult to please- and it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world you will always find a way for that place to every once in a while irritate you- but we must take a step back from our own bubble and realize how incredibly lucky we all are to experience life in this way. There are so many more pros than cons at the end of the day and your experience is always determined by the thoughts in your head. So I challenge you- find gratitude in every moment and watch how your life changes!