Spending time in the place where you grew up has a certain charm to it- especially when the temperature is 26 degrees celsius, you have your brothers beside you, and you eat vegan magnums everyday. I must say I loose all self discipline when I return home and become overwhelmingly nostalgic of all the glorious foods I grew up eating. There is something so innocent and delicate about getting to indulge in everything you loved as a child- it makes you so appreciative about life and gain a understanding in how the simple things in life are what we all live for in the end. And I must say that when I am around family, near the ocean breeze, life makes sense and my highest self comes alive. The smell of the sea and wind from the waves gives me a sense of peace deep within me, and a voice in my head tells me that everything will be alright and that I am on the right path. I’ve been told by others that it is also something they feel- but you might have had to grown up on the beach to feel that way maybe? Others I know hate  the beach, and everything that goes with it, from the sand to the windy weather and the ocean temperature- Super bizarre for me to fathom, but to each their own.