Island Life. Is there anything better? I was born on an island (that island being Australia, which is also a country and a continent, but none the less, it is an island. I’m proud. Does that make me an Islander? I hope so….) 

Anyway- Ile-de-Ré is a tiny island off of the coast of France that bridges to the city of La chapelle.   During the Month of July me and my family drove from Paris down to this particular place to try to get out of the city. Did we do it to get away from that 45 degree celsius day? You would think so…  but No- we were trapped in the city for that sweltering 24 hours. It was great. However, after that day of endless suffering we did decide to leave and enjoy some oxygen again. 

I was mesmerized by this Island- It reminded me of where I grew up in Sweden on the beach, watching kids riding their bicycles around, swimming on the beach, living the simple life. And yes, I know, side note- I grew up in Sweden because my dad is Swedish. I would say that is the best of both worlds- is it not? Being Australian and Swedish there are so many similarities in the both places yet they are worlds apart- 24 hours apart to be precise if you are traveling by plane. Prefer to travel by foot? In that case I recommend you bring a few shoes as it might take a life time to get to your destination. Thats a thought….Imagine that now we can get from place to place in a matter of hours where before, one might travel for years and end up somewhere you thought was India but turned out to be America, sounds familiar? Someone definitely sailed the ocean blue…