When you Fall into Summer

Hello Everyone- Did you all fall as hard into that summer feeling as I did? Does it also seem as though these three Summer months (June, July, and August) Never seize to amaze everyone how impeccably fast they run through the year- leaving victims (yes I feel like a victim of that summer crime) Behind as if they were a dirty one night stand, resulting in the feeling of emptiness, confusion, what to do next type of vibe? No? Just me…? Anyway, thesis clearly what happened, since I literally cannot recall the past months. In a way I guess that’s a good thing- maybe I have actually mastered the craft of being present and completely in the moment, then again, I feel like summer always brings that time of presence into peoples lives. The heat, of the city is inescapable and so one can only feel feelings during all those days. However if you are at the beach- bliss is the overwhelming feeling that occurs is it not? Add an Ice-cream in each hand and the day is won.