New Prints

Lately I’ve been on a photoshop high- it started with water color; I’ve missed so much to just draw, something so simple that I used to do all day everyday, and even in fashion school it is such a massive part of the curriculum to draw- research, collage to become inspired by what could be next and how you can find something unique to incorporate into your developing collection. I used to love that so much. So- since my main focus lately has been creating jewelry and new clothing prototypes- for some odd reason I put my drawing talent on the back burner. Anyway, around one week ago i had had enough and basically had a semi breakdown of not knowing what was next in my life and how to get closer to my life goal and potential. SO what did I do? I started drawing. This Drawing slowly migrated into me layering my previous “lady head” series of illustrations on top of the water colors and eventually dabbing into photoshop and finding ways to integrate them into collage and I've got to say- I'm really loving it and I've missed it so much! 

If anyone wants a unique illustration/collage of themselves made in this type of surrealist way please don’t hesitate to email me with your ideas! I’d love to create something for you!