T -Shirts

Summer has arrived in Paris and I am happy to announce that the brand Logo T-shirt is now available for you guys to purchase through email requests! We have multiple colors to suit each personality and sizes range from xS-xL. What is a T-shirt anyway? A T-shirt is more or less a statement about who you are and the vibration you bring to your everyday life- be it rebellious, happy, loving, humorous, anarchic or political, a t-shirt can have many different faces and be worn in many different places (rhyming like there is no one) ^^.

Our T-shirts are a representation of the Brand Nord and is represented by a face- a facial expression that is meant to be seen and comprehedet individually as your feet march through the street- it is a proud face with many details and cultures behind it- a lover of nature, an empath finding his or her way- the interpretation is up to you, we only provide the artistry.