A T r i b e C a l l e d N O R D

A Tribe Called Nord is the essence of Nordworld.

It features strong, loving, prosperous, spiritual beings that aspire to constantly seek their highest self and vibrate on such frequencies that are able to generate love and creativity all over the world- seeking new ways to involve the neurological habits of the brain into creativity in all areas of fashion, textile and jewelry design-artistry, poetry, conversations, and travel. There are many faces of creation on this earth and they manifest in different ways everyday - the truth is we are all creators, givers, and beings that feel the best when we express ourselves. To be free is to be free within-content that you are being authentically yourself in every situation you approach. The print featured above expresses the woman/man/human that is the face of NORD - a free soul of expression bursting with color and endless experiences of human interactions and beautiful ideas.