Mastery, by Robert Greene.

“ Masters, and those who display a high level of creative energy, are simply people who manage to retain a sizable portion of their C H I L H O O D S P I R I T despite the pressures and demands of adulthood. This spirit manifests itself in their work and in their ways of thinking. “

Sometimes we get lost in the constant rules and regulations that society makes us follow and obey. Your spirit can become broken because you have strayed away from your true purpose and due to what is demanded from you to be a functioning adult in todays work has deprived you of your wants and needs and ridiculed them to a toothpick sized possibility that your dreams have now taken a backseat to money and pure day to day survival.

Mastery focuses on showing you the steps that you have to take in order to get back to that childhood spirit of staying true to yourself and your dreams. I love how Robert Greene breaks down a formula of success in a way that all makes sense, because thats exactly what we as children would always do- imagine a life that we manifested through imaginary friends, adventures, tea parties, laughs and love. The beauty of it all is that as adults, if we remain true to our souls yearnings, we don’t only have to stop at the envisioning but actually as capable of taking the correct actions to make that dream a reality.

How beautiful life can be if we never loose sight of ourselves and always view the world with an open, eye, and open mind, and an open heart. Keep this in mind as you approach the days ahead of you, as a child does, with no worries and with a warm spirit that is contagiously motivating.